Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, September 27, 2014

Here's Garrison Keillor, weaving the tale of his News from Lake Wobegon at this annual broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion at the Minnesota State Fair.  A master storyteller in action!
You've been driving all day across mountain and prairie, across the fruited plains, and you just want to find a decent place to stay for the night.  You promise yourself you'll check in at the next place on the road that looks 1/2 decent.  You see this place with the shabby sign and the antenna that says "No cable."  You keep going.
I like everything about strawberries - their aroma, their color, how nice they look in the field and in a nice fresh box at the produce stand.  I love just about everything about them except for their taste and their texture.  Raspberries, please!
Do you do the same as I when you see an old rusty bucket of bolts like this?  Do you imagine the day when Dad first drove the Coronet home from Rogers Dodges, and how everyone piled into the car to ride to the ice cream place, and you had to finish your cone before you got back in the car, lest you drip Tutti Frutti all over the leatherette upholstery?  And how your brother Chet drove it for miles, back and forth to classes at tree surgery college, and now your cousin Rusty has it...
Dateline:  Krakow, Poland, where Dachshunds dress like Tyrolean mountain
 men for Oktoberfest.
With daylight savings time coming to an end, it's up to someone in every house to run around and set all the clocks back an hour soon.  It's always a challenge to synch them up and get every clock to show the same correct time.
Yes, this is a Siamese Fighting Fish.  I don't know what he has
to fight about, but I don't want to be the one who tells him
it's time to get in the ring.

Granny Smith, whoever you are or were, thank you for the best doggone eating
and baking apples on earth!  Keeping it green!

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