Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, September 20, 2014

The other day, someone asked me to list ten books that have stayed with me over the years.  The Catcher In The Rye has to be on any such list. Here is a photo of someone toting around the classic paperback edition on a cold winter day.
My jubilation continues unabated as I await the first day of fall, Nature's Gateway To Winter.  Even before the entire world fell in love with all things pumpkin-spiced, I was a big devotee of autumn.
After a rainy summer, it's been rather dry here in Bmore of late. While we hope for rain, you can always upload this to use as a wallpaper.
What a week for the hometown club!  The Orioles won the American League East division and look forward to the playoffs and beyond.  Here's All-Star Outfielder Adam Jones celebrating with fans.  This is why you love sports...winning makes you happy, and losing makes you want your team to win.  I've been an Orioles fan since the 1950s, so I've seen my share of both.  Winning is better.
Someone told him to stack the wood, so he had to go and get all fancy with it.  Problem is, now no one will want to burn this wood, for fear of messing up the cool display.
This week also saw Scotland vote to remain part of Great Britain, good news for bagpipers everywhere.  And for those of us who happen to look good in plaid.
 If you're a squirrel and you're reading this, well, thanks!  You are the smartest squirrel ever!  But as a reminder, it's time to start squirreling away some nuts for the winter!
This might be the last batch of Chex Mix I ever made. I found this picture from 2005, and now I want Chex Mix.  I know it's loaded with carbs, but hot-a-mighty, it's tasty!  Maybe I'll just make this my wallpaper.  See you next week!

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