Friday, September 19, 2014

Get ready for the largest lawsuit in the history of lawsuits

At 81, everything is risky, you have to admit. But now it's turning out that what seemed like a normal, everyday procedure that went wrong, ending in the death of Joan Rivers, was not quite so ordinarily handled.

Tech Times reports that Joan was having a endoscopy to check for digestive tract issues. In an endoscopy, an instrument (seemingly no smaller than a Louisville slugger baseball bat) enters the body to poke around and look for things gone wrong. When the camera was in her throat, someone noticed something wrong there, and a doctor who did not have clearance to perform procedures at the clinic in question went ahead with a biopsy - without permission from Ms Rivers, or the clinic, it seems.

And then! Her vocal chords began to swell, cutting off the oxygen and blood circulation to her lungs and brain, putting her in cardiac arrest.  And you know the rest.  She never regained consciousness and died a week later.

And now comes the allegation that Rivers's personal ENT specialist paused during the unauthorized biopsy procedure to take a selfie of herself with the unconscious comedienne.

To sum it up: an otherwise healthy woman comes to a clinic to have a look at her digestive tract.  Someone spots what he/she perceives to be a problem elsewhere and decides to have a whack at it, during which whacking the patient is caused to go into cardiac arrest and death.

And a doctor, a graduate of high school, college and medical school, allegedly decides to prop up the unconscious patient during all this so as to palm her smart phone for a selfie with the ill-fated patient.

All right.  Can we talk?

We don't know for sure about all of this, but as they say on the evening news, one thing is certain:  The smart phone was smarter than the doctor.

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