Monday, January 20, 2014

Where's The Love? It's in McSherrystown, PA, for one place

It's hard to believe that, come this Labor Day weekend, Hurricane Katrina, the most costly and deadly Atlantic storm in history, will be 9 years in the past.  Katrina hit in late August of 2005, causing $125 million in damages, and causing misery that lingers to this day in the Gulf region.

As Americans have always done, we rallied to help our friends and neighbors in Lousiana and Mississippi, sending whatever resources we had to share.

Some sent people and equipment, as my hometown Baltimore County Fire Department did, to assist in the rescues and recovery.  Many sent money and donated canned food. Breweries sent canned water.

And up in McSherrystown, PA, the kids attending Delone Catholic High School raised cash to send down South by an age-old system of fund raising.

Here's the story as reported by CBS in September, 2005.  The deal was, they played the amazingly catchy "Mmm Bop" by the rock trio we revere, Hanson.  They played it over the loudspeaker before school and after school and during lunch and between classes.

There were 650 students in the school at the time and they raised over $3500 by blasting Taylor, Isaac and Zac all day back in the day.

Hanson matched their donation and gave each kid in school a copy of their then-current CD "Underneath."

All these years later, imagine how much money could be raised by threatening to play Celine Dion.  I know I'd pay a pretty penny.

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