Monday, January 6, 2014

What's in a name?

They call Alabama the Crimson Tide, because years ago the U of Alabama was playing Auburn and the team emerged victorious while playing in a sea of red clay mud, the sort that Alabama is famous for, as we know from watching "My Cousin Vinny" so often.

Down there, people take their football seriously, and if you live in Alabama, you are asked shortly after birth to pledge fealty to either Alabama or Auburn, for purposes of determining what your tattoos will look like.  It's not like a lot of babies born in Maryland are named "Terrapin," even those conceived after a night at the Greene Turtle.

Père et fils
But down in 'Bama, Steven and Summer Steele from Andalusia just welcomed their third son into a family of Alabama fans, and they named the newcomer Krimson Tyde Steele.  A lot of people found this interesting, and then the Steeles got all worked up when a birth announcement in the local paper said that KT was a baby girl, and a whole passel of people said they didn't get why the older boys in the family were named Trenton and Dawson, and other interested locals chimed in with their two ¢ worth, to the point that Mrs Steele was quoted on as saying,

"To people speaking negatively about us naming him Krimson, it's not their child nor family member so if they have nothing nice to say they don't need to say nothing... nothing at all." 

Ah, Mrs Steele.  You have stumbled upon an eternal truth. People don't have to say a consarned thing, but they will. Meanwhile, welcome, Krimson Tyde Steele, and we wish you all the best forever!


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