Friday, January 10, 2014

The big chill

I'll say this about that recent cold snap...

What is it with people?

I mean, really, yes, it was cold.  Life-threatening cold.  Which is why, when it gets that way, the wise person bundles up, stays indoors as much as possible, and even resorts to way-out wacky notions such as putting on a hat.

I can't tell you how many people I saw on the news, discussing their distress at having to walk three blocks in the cold, and they were not wearing hats or ear muffs or even much more than a parka, open at the neck.

Yes it was cold.  A hat would help to keep the melon warm, but no.

And the screaming when the schools were open instead of closed, because we all know the best way to prepare the young for adult living is to show them how to avoid it.

Meanwhile, back on the news, the reporters went out and covered the tried-and-true stories...seeing how the polar bear at the zoo is doing, throwing boiling water up in the air to see it freeze in mid-air, talking to utility workers, refuse collectors and firefighters on the job, asking them how they cope.

They cope by a) dressing properly and 2) not constantly talking about how cold it is.

And those of us who actually prefer cold weather sit and wonder why, all summer long, as soon as it gets warm out, people rush to turn on the AC so it gets really chilly in the car or house or office.

And then when Nature sends us free cold air, we look at it all wrong and turn on the heat!

We're never happy, most of us.  But I'm on record as saying I'll take a month of 7° above 0° outside over a day of 98.6° outside.  I can always put on another sweater.

And a hat or two.

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