Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, January 4, 2014

 This is a picture I found of an Annalema, who is not the girl you took to the homecoming dance in junior year.  It's a way of tracing the the various points that the Sun visits as Earth makes its annual elliptical trip around it.  Annalema, I found out because I had to look every syllable of this up, is the Greek word meaning "the pedestal of a sundial."  I hereby guarantee that the average third-grader knows more about what's going on up in the sky than I do.  But I know more about what's going on with those new people two streets over.  He "works late" every chance he gets, and she, well, she doesn't know.  Course, it wouldn't do for me to say anything.
 This is what they call a "River of flowers" in the Netherlands.
 I found this picture online and there was an argument as to whether it's really a picture of the moon hanging over the Grand Canyon, or a photoshopped version thereof.  I can't prove it either way, but it looks nice!
Why I would not have wanted to be an adolescent in Norway:  Because who wants to hear their father constantly getting on them to get up there and mow the roof?

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