Thursday, January 2, 2014

The "Where Are They Now?" Dept.

It was just a year ago that the entire nation was gripped by Manti Te'o.  While many remember that as the name of the tasty Polynesian dessert they enjoyed at Trader Herb's Tiki Hut, if you think a second, you will remember our man Manti as the dupe who played for Notre Dame and was convinced that he had a girlfriend.  And that the girlfriend, one Lennay Kekua, had leukemia and had late night conversations with Manti via Skype (except she put a black box in front of her camera, so the only image he had of her was a photo that someone gave him.)  And he also believed that while he was trying to boost her spirits during the disease battle, she died in a car wreck on the same day his grandmother died for real.

Now you remember!  The poor guy had to be interviewed by Katie Couric, and won the "Name a magazine that you have actually read" contest against Sarah Palin by specifying "True Romance Monthly." (Sarah's answer was "All of them," as you'll recall.)  Te'o was all over the news, and was a spectator in Notre Dame's national title game against Alabama.  Sadly for the Fighting Irish, he was also a player that night, but mainly stood dazed in the middle of the field as the Crimson Tide won, 42-14.

Manti                      Lennay
Since then, he was drafted by the San Diego Chargers, only to injure his foot in his first pre-season game.  He returned to the field late in the season, and reports are mixed on how well his NFL career has begun.

Chargers fans believe he's off to a good start, now that he has given up his habit of trusting the opposing quarterback.  Those tricky guys kept telling him they had called a run, and then, doggone if they didn't turn around and throw the ball.  No fair.

And in September, his Lennay Kekua finished second in the Myth America pageant.

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