Monday, January 14, 2013

Try and ketchup

I've noticed over the years that it's best to eat regionally-popular food in the same region in which it is famous.

For example, if you find yourself in Ohio, ordering "Maryland-style Crab Cakes," you are likely to find a plate before you with two yellowish fried hockey pucks that taste more like cracker meal than a real Maryland crab cake.  You don't want to order seafood in a landlocked state.  Ask for the chili instead; Cincinnati-style (you get a bucket's worth of chili riding high atop a mountain of spaghetti.)

There are dozens of "So-and-So's Original New York Style Bagels" around our town, and you might think you're getting a real Noo Yawk kinda bagel dere until you work with a guy who used to be a Mafia bookkeeper and would run up to Gotham in the middle of the night and bring back a couple of dozen for the gang.  Now, dat's da real t'ing, you know whadI'msaying heah?

So with that in mind, I bring to your attention the recent set-to between Lawrence Ordone and Luis Martinez down in a WalMart in Orlando, FL.  Luis, who apparently is quite the gourmand, stopped by the WalMart to visit the Subway and get himself a Philly Cheese Steak.

At a Subway.  In a WalMart.  In Orlando.

Lawrence told him that Subway did not put ketchup on a cheese steak sub and, in fact, did not even number ketchup among its available condiments, which are mustard, mayonnaise, vinegar, and oil. He also tried to point out that no one ever puts ketchup on a cheese steak.

Apparently, Martinez insisted on having Heinz's finest on his cheese steak and pushed the point to the point at which Ordone thought he was about to go get a gun.  Martinez said that Ordone hollered at him in front of Martinez's wife and thought Ordone was going for a gun.  Ordone called 911 and then ran for it.

He no longer is employed as a sandwich technician.  But according to this article, his new stance is, if he's employed at another sandwich shop in the future, and people want to bring their own ketchup to the joint, he won't say a word.

But no one puts ketchup on a cheese steak, it says here.

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