Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Saturday picture show, 1/12/13

 There is nothing like a good pun that involves a dinosaur who wears a monocle and a derby hat.  It's fortunate that his little stubby arms are long enough to hoist that cuppa tea to his prognathous snout.
I found this one online and I wish I knew where such a wooded trail exists.  How cool would it be to walk there?

 This picture reminds me that even though we build walls to keep ourselves barricaded from others or from realities unpleasant and otherwise, we can't stop the sun from shining.  As soon as we give the happiness a chance, it will shine through for us.
From 1921, here's a picture of a young lad selling newspapers in Washington, DC.  Price of the paper was 2 cents.  Notice the headline: MILLIONAIRE TAX RENDS GOP.  Well, they're still saying the same thing, all these years later.  Don't tax millionaires! Why should they pay more in taxes than a struggling lower-middle class family?  Because from those to whom much is given, much is expected.  John Kennedy said that, and he came from great wealth and gave his life serving the nation.

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