Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Saturday Picture Show 1/26/13

 This is how I blogulate on a Saturday morning...all week long, as I sift through the www, I keep an eye out for interesting pictures.  Now, 97% of the pictures on the internet depict Sarah Jessica Parker looking skinny and all dressed up, but you've seen all of them, and I'm not interested anyway.  But I saw this one, of a lavender farm in France, and I wondered about the pay for a job working there.  I mean, how much do YOU pay THEM to spend your days in such gorgeous surroundings, smelling lavender as you go? 
And this one captures so many aspects of our national feline-mania.  All of a sudden, Facebook is fairly overrun with pictures of kittens and cats, adorable and otherwise.  As someone said, suppose cats have their own Facebook, and it's full of pictures of US?  Yikes!  But here's what I like about this picture, art lovers:  The Jolly Roger flag has, for crossbones, fish skeletons, because fish skeletons and cats go together in cartoons like rich old men and floozy chorus girls.  The old sailor cat smoking a pipe is playing the squeeze box, and all the dancing sailor cats are wearing those horizontally-striped French sailor shirts.  And did you notice that the ship is sinking?  Not to worry, though: all of these guys have 8 more lives to give.
 Here we see Sammy Davis, Jr., in his prime, smoking one of the cigarettes that were to kill him in 1990.  That was truly a shame because I think that Sammy was one of the most talented individuals ever to walk, or dance, upon this earth.  I've mentioned many times his quote:  "I got to the point where there were only three important people in the world:  Sammy, Davis, and Junior."  But here's a quote about Sam:  "No one celebrates the self like Sammy Davis, Jr."  I read that in the liner notes of one of his albums.  If you're great, and you know you are, you may feel free to get your first name embroidered on your shirt breast, as Sammy Jr did here. 
They say nothing is new.  The city and county Fire Departments around here have, or at least used to have, bicycles for the use of paramedics at events such as the State Fair, the City Fair, and the County Fair.  It can get trained people and first-responder supplies through a crowd much faster than either people on foot or people driving a vehicle can.  But this is an Italian Firefighter's Bike from 1905.  Think about engines were still largely horse-drawn affairs then, and this was a way to take two wheels and get the hose in a hurry.  If this bike could talk!  Oh the stories it could tell!

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