Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Saturday picture show, 1/19/13

What appears to be a giant blownup Mona Lisa turns out to be a Mona Coffee!  By using cups filled with varying strengths of coffee and coffee with cream, this artist or artists with plenty of time on their hands made a nice display.  Of course, this all took place on a public street in Europe somewhere, and when the police came to make them move along, the crowd hollered, "On what grounds can you force these people to move?" and the police said, "Coffee grounds."  It certainly took a lot of Keurig to say that.
This is interesting.  You see this a lot, and recently it really became awful when a photographer in New York saw a guy get pushed onto the subway tracks, and, instead of rushing to help him, he rushed to take his picture.  People can be such tools.  But in this case, with young Ichabod's melon being swallowed whole by Humphrey the Camel, you'd think the person taking the picture would do something about that, rather than getting this precious shot.  I'm sure the kid will be better after years or decades of therapy; don't worry.
I am not a huge fan of black and white photography.  I mean, it's ok for a black cat wearing a black top hat, but what if this cat were another color?  We'd never know!  But animals wearing hats is always sure-fire photo fodder.  Like that donkey on Hee Haw who wore a straw hat...
This is more of a poster than a picture, but what the hey?  Old Jung had a good thought here.  To answer the question: as a child I read like a madman.  My prized possessions were the World Book Encyclopedia, the Oxford English Dictionary, and the Information Please Almanac.  I would wile away many an afternoon or rainy Saturday reading those volumes cover to cover.  It paid off, too: I can tell you Red Buttons's real name (Aaron Chwatt), how many states have bicameral legislatures (49 - all but Nebraska) or what John Wilkes Booth screamed as he jumped onto the stage at Ford's Theatre after shooting Lincoln ("Sic Semper Tyrannis" - Latin for "Thus Ever to Tyrants.")

The one piece of information that was not in any of those books was what I was supposed to do with all this random knowledge.  It's not on the Internet either - I already Googled it.

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