Thursday, January 3, 2013

Myth America

As the New Year gets off to a start, how about a resolution that we all stop getting all worked up about stuff we see online?  As in:

Not banned!
"Facebook is trying to stop us from showing a manger scene!  Let's show them that they can't stop us!"

"How come kids are NOT allowed to recite the Pledge of Allegiance at school every day?  LIKE if you're against this crazy policy!"

"As much as I enjoy sharing my life and photos on this website, I hereby for all time abjure the right of any second-party organization to reproduce, share, copy, publish, print, or even look at my photographs, especially the ones showing Aunt Audree with her prize-winning deviled eggs at the State Fair.  Failure to heed this prohibition shall result in fine or imprisonment or both."

And, all these copy-and-repeat memes asking people to demand that members of  Congress start earning the same salary as a first-year teacher in an urban setting, or that one that starts every few months and says "I'll quit Facebook when they start charging $4.95 a month starting in August."

Friends and neighbors, the people at Facebook are so busy counting their money from advertising revenue that they couldn't care less about a picture of a manger scene.  And they don't need this "$4.95 a month charge" to stay on the profitable path.  In fact, the people who own Facebook stock light cigars with hundred-dollar bills and have diamonds on the tips of their shoelaces.

This cut-and-paste about privacy rights is a myth, albeit an oft-repeated one.  Kids still say the Pledge of Allegiance.  Congress is not about to take a pay cut.

And the deaths of Morgan Freeman (heart attack), Henry Winkler (car wreck) and Adam Sandler (ski accident in Switzerland) have not occurred.

Please. Rest easy.  Things are not as crazy as they seem.

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