Friday, January 11, 2013

My good idea for the month

I'm not going to share the website for obvious reasons, but I think it's sort of a bad idea to run a headline over a slide show of "Top 10 Dangerous Teenage Fads You Should Know About." 

Especially when a teen, or any impressionable person of any age, can click on the link and see a veritable plethora of stupid things to do.

Kids try to get high all the time.  If they aren't breaking into Dad's hooch cabinet, they're ripping off big brother's stash.  Or doing odd things with candy, or mixing candy and cough syrup and Sprite.

I can't even stand Sprite by itself, so adding codeine and Jolly Ranchers is not going to appeal to me, but to a kid who wants to get buck wild down behind the Try 'n' Save, that might be the ticket.

She and her family love them pranks!
And kids are always up for pool party crashing, cramming themselves into car trunks or atop trains or I don't know what-all else, but they could learn a lot of dumb things to try from reading this website.

I just got an idea:  Let's tell kids that they can get high by shoveling snow, mowing lawns or raking leaves!  Tell them that honey added to iced tea has definite aphrodisiac effects!  Make 'em think that if they spend an afternoon down at the local fire house waxing the engines, Mila Kunis will give them a ride home for their trouble!  Give them the impression that listening to Bing Crosby for an entire weekend will leave them so high, they'll never come down! Convince them that reading Kerouac will teach them the secrets of life!

Well, maybe that last one is true.  Still...

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