Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just Wonderin'...

Why do people DO these things?

There's this dude who gets on Perring Parkway about the same time as I do every morning.  He drives an old police car that he bought somewhere.  Either there is some mechanical trouble with the former cruiser, or it's the nut that holds the wheel that has a screw loose.  He pulls onto the parkway, always in the left lane, and just past the sign that says "SPEED LIMIT 45 MPH."  Then he drives about 10 of those miles per hour, forcing cars stuck behind him to veer over and pass on the right - always a risky venture.  As he fumbles down the road, he stares straight out, a sort of fixed grimness all over his visage.  

Then, by the time we all get down to the next light at Taylor Av, near the brand new Draggin' Dognuts, he's speeding like a maniac, zooming along well over the limit.  Apparently, he likes to set a slow pace for the first couple of miles and then drive like a bat out of a belfry the rest of the way down the road.  He's a younger guy, 30s or 40s, so it's not like we can say he's a "crazy teenager" or a "Crazy Old Man."  He must just like to play this game.  Odd.

There was a dude when I was getting out of the elevator at the parking garage the other day, over at the County Seat.  I was laden with a laptop, brief case, manpurse and lunchsack.  (Quite a debonair picture, eh?)  So, I was parked on the Friendly Floor (H I) and the elevator door opened when I got there and in bursts Mr Rushyguy, neatly blocking me in with his briefcase  and his cellphone and his wide stance.  At length, it dawned on him that I wanted to get out.  This dawning came when I said, "Excuse me..."  I wonder why we jump into elevators before letting the people who are trying to get out, out! 

Why do people ankle-slam me with their grocery carts?  And then, once outside with their carts, let them roll across the parking lot, smashing up someone's prized Pinto? Stand behind TV reporters at live shots doing their "pay attention to me" stunts?  

It could be a lot worse.  I'm lucky that these are the worst things that happen! I'm glad I didn't have to write "Why do people hit me over the head, steal my wallet and kick me in the proverbials?"



Anonymous said...

hell is other people

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