Thursday, September 22, 2011

A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I gotta have more soup

I used to be much more OCD than I am now.  I mean, there were times when I wouldn't leave the house without making sure that I had exactly six of each coin in my pocket: six quarters, six dimes, six nickels and six pennies. And my goodluck medallion from the Babe Ruth Museum.

But as I became more casual in middle age, I gave up that stuff.  Lately, I notice I don't even care which shoe I put on first - it used to have to be the right one first or go barefoot.

But here is a guy who really leads the league in OCD.  He's a Swiss comedian - I know, right? - and he actually took time to arrange the letters in his alphabet soup.  (Apparently, it's known as "letter soup" in Europe.  To me, that sounds like a broth with mail floating in it...junk mail from some maid company, a note reminding me of an appointment, a letter from an old friend.)

His name is Ursus Wehrli, and I was hoping he had enough letters left over to spell it out, but anyway, here are before and after pictures of lunch with Ursus:

There's a story about all this on the NPR website. I'd just say, be glad you didn't invite Ursus to come on over for breakfast.  He'd probably make a jigsaw puzzle out of Wheat Chex!

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