Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Every now and then we hear of an auto accident in which someone is injured badly (or worse) and no one knows who the person is.  Or let's say you lose your wallet and a good person turns it to the police, but they can find no way to contact you (except by sending an officer to your house, since all they have is an address.)

You get where I'm coming from here - the law should have a way to get in touch with your emergency contacts, and now they do, if you live in Maryland and you have ten minutes.  That's five minutes less time than the gecko wants with you, after all!

Just grab your driver's license (you'll need the soundex number on there) and go to this site.

On the site, the Maryland MVA offers a secure place for you to put the names, addresses and phone numbers of up to three emergency contacts - just because you never can tell!  It's a secure site and it's another step - like putting in ICE numbers on your cell - that might save time in a crisis.

This will work out great, because if I'm ever unidentifiable somehow, the police can let Peggy and Britney Spears know about it right away.  They'd both want to know.

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