Saturday, August 20, 2011

Michele, One 'L',' these are words that go together well...

Bachmann without corndog

Random thoughts while congratulating myself for not posting that picture of Michele Bachmann enjoying a corndog at the Iowa State Fair...The other morning, on the way to work, I figured out where Buick got the idea to call their sedan a "Century."  Apparently, it's because if you find yourself stuck behind one of the superannuated driving one of these cars, it will be almost a century before you get anywhere!...Seen at the Iowa State Fair:  Michele Bachmann, eating a corndog...Her husband was also seen at the fair, praying that he wouldn't want a corndog... Speaking of car names, and this is absolutely true, Chevrolet wondered why the sales of their popular Nova model were so poor in Mexico when they were selling thousands of them during the sixties here.  Someone finally had to tell the GM bigwigs what "No va" means in Spanish.  Anyone?  Correct! It means "Won't Go"!...I read that Dionne Warwick, early in her days of recording songs with lyrics by Hal David and music by Bert Bacharach, got into a squabble with the tuneful twosome and stormed out of their Brill Building office, muttering, "Don't try to make me over!"  In a week, she was back in the studio with them, recording her next hit, "Walk On By."  No. Just kidding.  She was there to record a song they wrote after she stalked out, the haunting "Don't Make Me Over."...While we're talking music, I'm still chafed about the time Peggy and I went to see the Town Band down at the Meyerhoff Hall, and the Town Band performed "Twist And Shout," which was written by Phil Medley and Bert Russell, who also wrote "If I Didn't Have A Dime" for Gene Pitney. "Twist And Shout" was originally done by the Isley Brothers (Ronald, Rudolph and O'Kelly) and of course The Beatles and Ferris Bueller
did their versions later.  But with all this glorious history, the Baltimore Symphony (The Town Band) credited only Christopher Rouse, who "arranged" the song for their symphonic rendition...Similarly, the Louvre has removed the name of da Vinci from the Mona Lisa, in order to give all the credit to Dites-Moi Pourquoi, the curator's assistant who hammered a nail in the wall on which to hang the picture...And yes, The Beatles also recorded "Tell Me Why."

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