Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello, Clarice!

Once again the discussion goes on here at the Lazy 'C' Ranch.  This happens all the time, any time that Encore channel runs "The Cable Guy," the hypnotically funny Jim Carrey laughfest from 1996.

I say it's the best thing old Jimbo ever did!  You've got to love this scene where he ad libs an Anthony Hopkins bit at the Medieval Times restaurant! It was not in the script!  Look at Matthew Broderick trying not to bust a stitch!  Or, look at how brilliantly Jim parodies Grace Slick doing "Somebody To Love"!  And then there's the scene in which costar Broderick asks Carrey what the heck his name is, and Carrey goes, "It's Chip...Chip Douglas, but my friends call me 'Ernie'." And all the while, his face is becoming that of Ernie Douglas, so memorably portrayed by Barry Livingston, one of My Three Sons.

 It turns out that Peggy does not care for Jim Carrey. I always suspected as much, because she would flatly refuse to go see his movies, leaving me in the after-work matinee world of theaters full of salesmen who were supposed to be out selling things and others enjoying the magic That Is Jim Carrey.

Peggy's complaint with Jim is that he is always "on," although she does not level that same charge at Oprah Winfrey, who recently bought herself a TV channel so she could be "on" it 24 -7.

And Peggy lumps Carrey in with Robin Williams! No no no!  Robin Williams's whole thing is to dart around hollering, "Nanoo! Nanoo!" and then crack jokes about how much dope he used to inhale.  We never thought that Jim Carrey needed drugs to be funny. Nor did he use drugs. He just is funny.

Like when he said this:
"Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes."

He should show up at our house, and see a great woman standing in front of him, rolling HER eyes!


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