Friday, August 5, 2011

Keep this under your hat

Maybe it was a pizza shell
What was it, April of this year, when Prince William of Merrie Olde Englande marriede thate nice ladye Kate, who is now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge? 

People from here drive through Cambridge all the time on their way to the ocean, and we don't see how anyone from a nice town on Maryland's Eastern Shore would want to move to England, but it's up to her.  There is an opening in Kentucky if she and her husband wish to move down there; he could be the new Duke of Paducah. He could crack 'em up down at the Grand Ole Opry! I can hear him now..."I'm not saying my brother is awkward, but he tripped over a cordless phone! I say! Jolly good!  Cheerio, stiff upper lip, by Jeeves!"

Anyway, we all thought, gee, what a pretty girl he chose to be princess, and possibly queen someday, because it looks like his grandmother Liz is good for another couple of decades, and no one over there seems to want his father Charlie to be king, since that would put Camilla Parker-Carr in the position of queen, and well, we just shan't have that, shall we?

But I imagine it was the usual deal with newlyweds this past weekend when old Willie boy came home and said, "You know, sugarlumps, we have my cousin Zara's wedding coming up on Saturday, I say, jolly good.  Do you have something silly, something that looks like a giant flour burrito, that you could wear on your head?"
Kate and her hat
And she said something like, "No, Your Travesty, but I do have the old satellite dish we used to use to watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns...could I wear that on me 'ead?"

And he said something like, "Sure, m'love, because Zara is going wear a tiara that once belonged to her great-grandmother, whose name was Princess Andrew."
Zara Phillips wore a tiara belonging to her great-grandmother, Princess Andrew of Greece, for her wedding to Mike Tindall in Edinburgh, Scotland
And off to the wedding they went!

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