Friday, July 1, 2011

Keep on Truckin'

At 75 (! really?) Glen Campbell is set for a farewell tour this fall, with an added touch of poignancy.  His wife told People magazine that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and she wanted fans to know that might be the problem if he flubs a lyric or appears confused at these final shows.  

That's a nice touch, I think, because people do tend to assume otherwise when a performer messes up.  No one accuses the guy who forgot to fill the Xerox machine with paper of hittin' the sauce during lunchtime, and when someone wires the ceiling fan to the garbage disposal switch when a house is being built, the rest of the crew figures it was a mistake, which all humans make from time to time.  So, let's thank Glen for fifty years of fine music, and send him along happy.  Don't forget that he was known as an excellent musician before he had all those hit records, and you hear his guitar on all sorts of songs on the radio without knowing it was he pickin' on those hits.

One of his lesser hits, but one of my favorites, was a number called "I Love My Truck" (..."it's right outside....ain't had much luck....but I sure got a ride!")  Heaven knows I loved all three of my pickup trucks, the last one most assuredly.  Until the day that a careless motorist slammed into a careful motorist who slammed into a helpless motorist who slammed into me, that 2000 Tacoma 4WD never let me down once.   And wherever it is today, I bet it's running fine, just with a smashed-up bed and a tilted rear end.

And then I was watching the news and had a horrible thought!  You know you always see truckloads of men in all those mid-Eastern nations where chaos reigns, eight or ten guys wearing burnooses and sun glasses...carrying rifles...shouting the back of 2000 Tacomas.

Missing "inaction"
So if you're watching Brian Williams one night and they show a bunch of insurgents in some far-off war-torn land, riding with sinister looks in a pick-'em-up with stickers reading "Cape May NJ" and "I Brake for Elvis," well, great.  That will mean my truck is finally seeing the world!

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