Sunday, July 3, 2011

They Do Things Differently in Sunny Californy

May I just ask one question of the people who arrange adoptions of children in Los Angeles, California?

The question is: who's in charge out there?

Here's the headline:

Denise Richards Adopts a Baby Girl!

As if we needed further proof that no one needs Charlie Sheen to get things done.
Denise Richards is now a mother of three after recently adopting a baby girl from the U.S., her rep confirmed Wednesday to E! News.
But even though the former It's Complicated star is doing the single-parenting thing these days, the adoption was a family affair: Daughters Sam and Lola were tasked with giving their little sister a name!
" Eloise Joni Richards is named after Denise's mom (Joni) and Denise and her daughters Sami and Lola chose the name Eloise," the rep said. "Denise and Eloise's big sisters couldn't be happier and feel incredibly blessed."
Ironically, the Richards and her kids were staying in the Eloise Suite at the Plaza Hotel when Sheen suffered his famous "allergic reaction" down the hall and scared the socks off a porn star last year.
But at least now we can assume that Sam and Lola remain unscarred and remember their time in New York fondly.
Congrats to Denise and her little ladies!

And oh well, now, I mean, really!  Assuming that the people who decide who gets to adopt whom out there are "tasked" (remember: verbing weirds nouns) with choosing suitable parents for foundlings and orphans, does anyone think they could find a better Mom - perhaps a woman unable to bear children, or one who has lost a child of her own - than the woman who could not bear to live with childish Charlie Sheen?  That whole Hollywood status/power trip is fine when it comes to getting seats in a restaurant or having the valet parking guy run and fetch your hybrid LandBuffalo right away.  

This is a human life we are talking about here, a little baby girl joining two other little girls in the life of a 40-year-old sort-of movie star, who five years ago vented her anger at two photographers by throwing their laptops off a hotel balcony, hitting two women below, aged 80 and 91.  Sure, we've all wanted to throw laptops off a hotel balcony, but most of us have the self-control not to do so. 

I think the best outcome would be for Denise's career to do really well so she is off making movies all over the globe, allowing the child to be raised by a succession of nannies, housekeepers, cooks, maids and butlers.  And I hope that those caregivers would be smart enough to take her to the zoo or a museum when Charlie drops over to see her sisters.


Spike S. Bagg said...

Well, Denise is part of that privileged class of people who pay other people to live their lives for them. I know a few people like that.

Mark said...

Well Sir, I reckon if we had that many celebrities in Baltimore, we would have the same sort of culture. But because our leading culturemeister is John Waters, we're in a different league.