Sunday, May 30, 2010

Survey Says! A-L

Actor: Bruce Willis
Actress: Traylor Howard
Alcohol: Beer
Animal: Lambchop
Apple: Granny Smith
Artist: Norman Rockwell
Athlete: Johnny Unitas
Aunt: Auntie Em
Baby: she knows who
Ball: base
Band: Love
Beach: Cape May
Beer: Boh Ice
Book: Catcher in the Rye
Boys Name: Elvis
Brand: Lazy 'C' Ranch
Candy: none
Car: Camry
Cartoon: Woody Woodpecker
Catalog: LL Bean or Ed E. Bauer
Cereal: Homemade granola
Channel: 45
Church: Towson UMC
City: Lake Wobegon
College: U of Alabama
Cologne: English Leather (aftershave)
Color: Brown
Comedy: Jackass
Costume: south end of a two-person horse
Country: old skool twang
Cousin: Minnie Pearl
Day: Satur
Dinosaur: Dick Cheney
Dog: Marmaduke
Electronic: iPod
Flower: black-eyed Susan
Food: waffles
Friend: Peggy!
Fruit: lemon
Game: crazy 8's
Girls Name: Mildred
Hobby: reading old LIFE magazines
Holiday: Christmas
Ice Cream: Haagen-Dazs
IM Service: Comcast
Insect: Walking Stick
Jewelry: wedding band
Job: personal assistant to Ms Spears
Juice: cider
Kid: Rock
Lake: Wobegon
Language: English

more tomorrow!

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