Monday, May 10, 2010

The Old Quizmaster

I am... happiest when I can make others happy
I know...a lot of people that I really love
I love it when...the soi-disant elite take a pratfall
I am known for...relentless joking
The nickname I'm embarrassed of is...Hugh Janus
People think I am a little...eccentric
I wish I never...would have to see the people I love suffer

My friends wish...that I would tell the joke about the British hitchhiker more often
My favorite place to shop is...Dollar Tree
My favorite place to hang out living room
My favorite band is...Love (Arthur Lee)
Last time I got in trouble...was so long ago, the statute of limitations has run out
My family...must be seen and heard to be believed
If you met my must be in Heaven
I get embarrassed when...I am completely unembarrassable
I want to get Peggy again for our 50th anniversary in 2023
My favorite food is...from the sea
I would like to have....enough moolah to retire
I don't mind thoughts and ideas
If I won the lottery I would...keep working until the time seemed right to leave
I think Obahma is ...a damned poor way to spell the president's name
I love it when people...use correct spelling and grammar
I've learned that...what is to be, will be, and what ain't to be just might happen
People love me because...I love them
I would kill someone if...they ever hurt Peggy
I think us all His love and wants us to be happy with it
I wish I would have never...been asked what I regret about the past, because that's the definition of a waste of time
When I am mad...I let it out instead of keeping it bottled up
When I am sad...I can count on Peggy to cheer me up
I think I am good looking smile is genuine
My best my wife and always will be
When I die...I'm going to expect a lot of laughter at the funeral
What I love most marriage
My life is...more than half finished
I think the world would be a better place if...people knew more and relied less on demagogues
If I could change...a twenty for two fives, I'd be glad to
I gag when I think of...eating beets and Brussels sprouts
I need a...decision on what the surgeon is going to do for my back
My favorite tv show is...Countdown with Keith Olbermann
My favorite Movie is...Seems Like Old Times
I don't deserve...all this happiness
I wish I could make money doing...a newspaper column
My job...allows my creative side to flourish
School is...a good place for a kid to be
I think the government should...govern
If more people thought like me the world would...move ahead peacefully
The best year of my life...was 1973
I miss...the days when American Idol had worthy contestants
I think the war...was cooked up to satisfy Bush's lusts
If I could live would be a lot colder outside my window
My favorite car is...a truck!
I think drugs are... wonderful for therapeutic purposes but a poor use of time for recreation

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