Saturday, March 6, 2010

Question for a Saturday morning

You read the Associated Press story about this man who tried and failed to gun down guards at an entrance to the Pentagon, and you read that the guy was stark raving mad, and had been so for many years, and you have to wonder...

How come he had guns? Are we that much of a gun-loving nation that we overlook the fact that just maybe the law could stand a little tightening up?

Even if I would grant you that we have a right to strut around like Dodge City cowboys even though we are not militia members (and I never will grant you that, but let's play for a second) why do we allow a victim of mental illness to keep and bear arms?

I keep asking for people to explain this to me and I keep hearing about the second amendment and I don't think that a copy of the Constitution is going to protect anyone who finds him-or-herself the target of a guy like this.

The same people who told you lies about WMDs are also not so worried about weapons of individual destruction right here at home. But we all ought to be.

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