Tuesday, March 30, 2010

He Got Carded

Well, here it is, almost April, so it's time to plan for the summer vacation once again. In Maryland, we gravitate to the beach. I have talked to people who grew up in the middle of the nation, 1500 miles from an ocean, and when you hear their tales of cramped, buggy, accommodations at Flyfish Lake, you almost want to throw a fundraiser and help them trek eastward to one of our ocean resorts. I mean, where do you go for vacation if you live in Indianapolis, for crying out loud? Fostoria, Ohio?

I was working with this guy once and reading a baseball card with the likeness of onetime Oriole pitcher Grant
Jackson. The back of the card bore the fascinating information that Jackson hailed from Fostoria, Ohio. The guy I worked with claimed that he had been to Fostoria at one time and that the "world's deepest hole" was located there. I filed this information away for over thirty years until this morning, when I went to verify it for this blog entry about vacations.

Because that would be something I would really love to see, the world's deepest hole.

But Google, Bing, WebCrawler, Ask.com and Answers.com have no mention of Fostoria having the world's deepest hole. There is some sort of big deal for train buffs, but no giant crevasse.

Peggy, it looks like another trip to the beach this summer. Can't wait. Fostoria will have to. Because someone lied to me about the world's deepest hole. And I fell for it, or in it.

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A. Valentie said...

Fostoria, Ohio does not have the world's largest hole. However, in nearby Castalia there is what people call "the blue hole". The blue hole is called such as sonar and other types of technological devices have not been able to find the bottom of this pond. It is believed to feed the underground river at Seneca Caverns in Bellevue, Ohio. Feel free to stop into the Best Western Hotel in Fostoria Ohio and ask to speak with the General Manager, Marti. She can fill you in on all the details of the curiosities and travel spots in Northwest Ohio.