Thursday, March 18, 2010


A very wise guy once said that "Brevity is the sole of birds' shoes," and he ought to know. Being wise and all, I mean.

But you may have noticed that the wordier a speech or essay becomes, the less effective it might be, if only because so many listeners or readers are lost in the backwash of words. Words. So many words. And words are all I have, to take your heart away, said Barry Gibb.

See what I mean?

But seriously, one can say a lot in just a few words. Three words are often enough! Think of how many times you could say so much by saying three words:
  • Bacon, lettuce, tomato
  • Come here, please
  • yesterday, today, tomorrow
  • Little Deuce Coupe
  • The Scarlet Letter
  • You are hired!
  • Life is Good
  • Love Forever Changes
  • Elvis Aron Presley
  • Your American Idols!
  • Here's your lunch!
  • don't shoot me!
  • Two glasses, Joe!
  • peanut butter jelly
  • Orioles win again
  • I don't know
  • hold the door!
  • and so on
  • and so forth
  • okay stop now
I've thought so many times of how just a few words of encouragement can mean so much. Knowing that I was going to have a needle inserted into a place where needles usually need not be, a friend texted me yesterday: "Good luck today!" Gee whiz, that means a lot. Just a few words.

Like when Peggy says "I love you." Those three words mean the most. Love you too.

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Scooby dooby dooby!!!!

Love you, too!