Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You Take The High Road

Yesterday and through Thursday, I'm not working at my usual spot. I'm taking a three-day training course for people in my line of work, and the course is being given in the far, far Northwest corner of the county.

As it happens, I live in the far, far Northeast part of the county.

So, it's a matter of choices: to take the Beltway, the big thick superslab that engirdles our town much like a boa constrictor does a baby elephant, from our part of town to the NW corner, and then take a highway from the beltway up to the training ground. go up the country, take country roads that parallel the Beltway (although from a great distance), and then get to see things like horses, farms, and a red
fox dart across the road as I scooted along, CD cranking out everything from The Traveling Wilbury Bros. to Redd Foxx.

Really not much of a choice. The Beltway's vistas are limited to the back ends of filthy semi trucks, cars with oval stickers all over them, and white Chevy vans carrying plumbers, painters and carpenters to their work. All vital travelers, but the fox and I had a much better time of it.

A little town called Butler has enough charm for someone who will never have a butler. I'm more than happy to do my own butling.

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