Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Steps

One of the great things about having babies in the family is, you never walk up to a nine-month-old and say, "What's new?" only to have them reply, "oh, nuttin'." Always something going on. It's good to have babies around! "Little" Jimmy Dickens sang that song "Sleepin' at the Foot of the Bed" about the times when relatives and friends would show up and you'd wind up sleeping in less commodious circumstances. He sang the lines,
It was fine enough when the kinfolks come and the kids brought brand new games
You could see how fat all the old folks was and learn all the baby’s names..."

with the conviction of a man who liked to see the new kids in the family doing well.

Well, yesterday was a big, big day in our family. It was Christening Day for baby Finley, and were we ever proud to be there as her Godparents. Drew and Laura certainly honored us. As I understand it, this gives me the right, when she reaches dating age (46) to look over any prospective suitors and weed out any if I don't like the cut of their jib. It's good that she won't be dating any time soon, thus giving me time to look up and find out what in blazes a jib is anyway.

And then today, her elder by five months, baby Isabella, demonstrated her new walk! Her mom, Jamie, says she just started strutting around this weekend, and I was so fortunate to catch her steppin' out! How cool. Click on Jamie's blog there to see the photo.

How many miles will Isabella walk in her lifetime, and to think we saw the first steps today! How many significant moments and ceremonies are there going to be for Finley, and here we were enjoying the first one with a sweet ceremony and a nice party.

Anyone else need a godfather or anything, I have this new suit with a v. clean white dress shirt, snappy suspenders (braces) and a red tie. I am ready. I love significant moments and I wish you and yours many of them - together!

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