Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, April 8, 2017

Team USA won the recent World Baseball Championship series. This was the thrilling moment when our local hero Adam Jones, playing for USA, stole a home run from our other local hero Manny Machado, playing for his Dominican Republic. The other great part of it was that Adam stopped a guy in a Yankee hat from getting a free baseball.
It's blossom time! And in medical news, Flonase is now available in generic form.  That's nothing to sneeze at.
This ancient masterpiece shows the invention of the McRib Sandwich, many years ago in a McDonald's far away.
Here it is: photographic evidence of why women live longer.
Backstage at the Grand Opera House in Vienna. Out front, the audience doesn't even think about what goes into putting on a show.
This is what all that fear and ignorance boils down to.
The human companion of this spiny lizard guy brought home a little toy and the critter won't put it down for a minute!
On a beautiful lush South Pacific island in World War II, a fighter plane crashed. Its remains remain in place as a symbol of the agony of war in what should just be a beautiful world.

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