Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, April 15, 2017

Used to be that baseball players would write their uniform # on the butt of their bats so they could tell which bat belonged to whom. Then they started getting these little stickers with their name or number or maybe a little caricature. This must be the most creative of them all. It belongs to Matt Foley, a catcher in the Braves organization.  Do you know the name Matt Foley from somewhere else?
For those collecting pictures of animals waving hello to them, this one has the...seal of approval. I didn't think I had the nerve to say that.
Larry King used to say that the all-purpose universal weather forecast was "partly cloudy, chance of rain," because that's almost always the case, when you think about it. Here is the chart to go along with covers everything that might fall from the sky.
If you like the taste of lemon as I do, look for Meyer Lemons next time you're at the BiSumMor. This is the combination of a tart lemon with a little orange for sweetness and it is gooooood!
 The old double-rainbow trick. 
There was a time in America, or so it seems, that everyone sort of reeked...until they found the right laundry soap, deodorant, or toothpaste to make them smell like a bed of petunias again.
Hi Folks...having a great time on our vacation...we flipped the Catalina, but the guy who came with the tow truck was kind enough to snap our picture before he put us upright again. It gave Dad a chance to check the tread on those Firestones, too!
People are doing great things in the burgeoning field of apple-carving nowadays!

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