Tuesday, April 25, 2017


There is a rap performer who suffered a certain loss of "street cred" when it was revealed that he had worked as a jail guard years before putting down the metal detector for a microphone.

And of course there was a guy on Faxe News who claimed to be a former CIA agent...and another one who claimed to be an expert on Sweden...all fakes.

But millions of people listen to the radio show, and watch YouTube videos, of this Alex Jones, a Texan who claims that the children who were shot to death by another crazy guy in Newtown were not really children who were shot to death, but actors.

And of course, Jones said that 9/11 was fake news ("controlled demolition"), that it was all an inside job. There are some among us who dwell in the shadowy world where reality blurs with mental disorders, and they use the term "false flag operation" to categorize things they do not wish to accept as fact. The list goes on and on with these people: the former president of the United States was an Al Qaeda terrorist born in Kenya, and was responsible for a series of tornadoes in Oklahoma, mass shootings are staged to give the government a reason to go door-to-door confiscating guns, and dozens of nations are headed for financial collapse. Oh, and the government is rounding us all up into FEMA camps. And controlling the weather.

That sort of thing.

Well, Jones makes a lot of money selling crazy, And he is one of those people who bellow and caterwaul and howl and yelp and yowl when they speak. There's a lot of that going around lately.

So maybe it was no big surprise that Jones's wife had enough of his bombast and filed for divorce several years back. Kelly Jones - his ex - and her lawyers are trying to get custody of the couple's children, and attempting to paint him as an unsuitable parent.

But the Austin American-Statesman newspaper, down there Deep In The Heart Of, says, "At a recent pretrial hearing, attorney Randall Wilhite told state District Judge Orlinda Naranjo that using his client Jones’ on-air Infowars persona to evaluate Alex Jones as a father would be like judging Jack Nicholson in a custody dispute based on his performance as the Joker in 'Batman.' "

So there it is. Watch him expound on his theories and judge for yourself. His own lawyer said this is all make believe, he's only playing a character, and we shouldn't take all this seriously.

Or maybe it is all true, and he's an actor.

Watch for Kevin James to play him if they really ever make a movie about this nonsense.

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