Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year! Keep staring at this picture.  Some people - maybe one in a thousand - report that it seems odd or jumpy.  If you notice that, you are that one in a thousand.
We have spent approximately $73,000 on toys for the cats. It turned out, one evening when a friend put her hair ring doodad on the coffee table (she was drinking coffee), Eddie (Edwina) grabbed the hair ring and that's all she will play with now.  She likes to stockpile them on the dining room floor, as shown above. Deanna is still involved with her fake mouse on a string on a stick.
When it's too cold to listen to cool jazz.
This is the only way I like marshmallows, in case anyone asks.
I love it when we get snow before the lights come off the tree. Hasn't happened for a few years, though.
Is this a bird who lives in a little tiny city inside a birdcage...or is this the birdcage inside a giant house with many more small birdcages inside the birdcage?
This guy was riding his motorcycle in Africa.  The noise of the motorcycle bothered the elephants who were strutting about. They became agitated.  So he apologized.
The Christmas season is over, and the staff is already planning for next year's big toy. Here's where they are kept!

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