Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, January 21, 2017

This is what happens when a water pipe breaks in winter. On the other hand, they'll still have ice for the Memorial Day cookout.
I am one of the millions who enjoy Babybel cheese. But there is one of us, and apparently only one, who saves the wax wrappers and then makes cows of them.
Nothing of significance here, just a nice winter street scene from Gdansk, Poland. Very pretty.
This old pickup has likely hauled a lot of mulch and fertilizer and top soil and who knows what-all else, but this is a pretty bed of flowers, isn't it?
Would you go out there? Have you? It's the observation deck from the Grand Canyon. I can see just fine here, thanks.
Cool entranceway to a German subway station.
Soldiers from the USS Iwo Jima get some rec time in the very large body of water where their very large ship is at anchor.
I don't really care for broccoli that isn't covered with a ton of cheese sauce, but you have to hand it to someone who took the time to carve out his or her broccoli statement.

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