Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Saturday Picture Show, January 28, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Doors!

It's always touching when show biz royalty meets show biz royalty. I have to wonder how genuine this picture is, since it's autographed by "Nancy and Reagan Reagan."
They will roo the day they started this.
J. Edgar Hoover took off his dress long enough to "inspire" this novel about crazy teenage hoodlums from long ago.  Fonzie's girlfriend is, from all appearances, trying to smuggle two Nike missiles under her shirt.
This house in Iran has had people living in it for over 700 years. The landlord says it's not time yet for new carpeting.
This is an Egyptian sunset.  It doesn't sphinx.
And this is a collection of knives confiscated by English police officers from 41 different police agencies there. 
There is a lot to say about Jan and Dean, the legendary hot rod and surf music duo.  Jan (left) was attending medical school, but even having an IQ of 180 did not give him sense enough not to race his Corvette on the streets of Beverly Hills. He crashed there in 1966 and never was the same.  Dean Torrence (right) built a career in graphic arts and sporadically performed with Jan until Jan passed on in 2004.  What might have been...the saddest words of tongue or pen.

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