Monday, January 9, 2017

Crime Never Takes A Holiday. It never even dresses for the holidays.

The United States of America is a vast, huge nation.  Last time I checked (2014), 318.9 million people live here within our 3.797 million square miles. 4,745 of them live in Dardanelle, a city in Yell County, Arkansas. 

And this is the story of one of those people, which left 4,744 people in Dardanelle shaking their heads. 

On a recent Sunday morning down there, says Dardanelle Police Chief Montie Sims, his police arrested an unidentified female following two incidents at Burger King and McDonald's. The female in question entered Burger King, stating she was there to "check on the status of her application." She then, according to witnesses, stole a Santa hat and some garland from the restaurant and made good her getaway, heading for the McDonald's next door, attempting to enter a vehicle on the McParking Lot. That's where she was arrested, to be booked on two counts of disorderly conduct and transported to the Yell County Detention Center.

Grainy surveillance photo
I almost forgot to mention that she was McNaked as she was checking on her job application and as she attempted to take a seat in a car in the parking lot. 

Officials at Burger King say they will not let her have it her way, too.

I mean, no shoes, no shirt, no underwear, no socks, no job!

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