Monday, January 2, 2017

Good Deed

Image result for kelly brackett joe early dixie mccallImage result for medical center james dalyYou get to my age, and you go to the "D" section in your phone, and it's all doctors. It seems like I'm there at the Medical Center two or three times a day (James Daly and Chad Everett are my personal physicians, as well as Dr Kelly Brackett, Dr Joe Early, and Nurse Dixie McCall) and just run home for meals in between appointments.

So the other day I was meeting with my primary care physician. I wanted to discuss my latest blood test, which came back marked "bloody good"! While we conferred, Peggy was talking to a friend who works upstairs and then we met in the lobby and went on to Trader Joe's.

Peggy told me an interesting story that had taken place while I was in the exam room with my shirts off, taking deep breaths and coughing. (Later I did all that again when the doctor was in the room.)  She said that a distraught older lady had come into the waiting area, looking for her leather coat. It was chilly, so she was going to need that coat to go home, and she also said her wallet and keys were in the pockets, so she really needed that coat, and she was upset.

She asked the people waiting if they had seen a brown leather coat and became quite fretful when no one said they had. People were asking her what room she had been seen in, and she was sure it the same suite where she was looking. Peggy said there was quite a stir; people were buzzing about trying to help her, and the more time that went by without the coat turning up, the more disquieted the lady became.

One of the receptionists behind the big desk took over, asking which doctor she had visited (she couldn't remember his name) and if she was sure she had been in that particular suite.  There are four offices on each floor.  The young lady took the lady out of that suite and spent some time with her, going office to office, until the found the jacket, contents intact, around the corner at another room.  The lady went on her way happy.

When Peggy told me about this, the old supervisor in me came out, and I sat right down at these very keys and batted out a short note (I know; it should have been hand-written, but I wanted her to be able to read it) to salute the receptionist for having the goodness in her to get up and help. It would have been so easy to shrug it off and and say, "It's not here, I dunno." But she didn't do that, she got up off her asterisk and helped. And I think that's noteworthy.

I dropped off my little note a few days later, and the receptionist blushed and said, "Thank you! I didn't think anyone noticed!"

Ah, but we do, and we should more often.  Kindness and goodness are out there in abundance, and it's my goal to look out for more and more of it, and share it when I can.

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