Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, November 26, 2016

That big rain and wind storm last weekend took a lot of leaves right off the trees and put them on the ground, where they await a little leaf-gettin' action.  Someday, someone will come up with a tree that bags its own leaves at the end of the fall.
After years of research and development, we are proud to unveil the TaterMaster6000, which will boil, mash and serve mashed potatoes to 6,000 of your close friends, relatives, and Thanksgiving guests next year. But wait! There's more!  Order by tomorrow night and we'll include the GravyOcean 6000 absolutely free of charge!  You simply pay the shipping fee!
Thanksgiving dinner is wonderful, but there is really nothing like a sandwich two days later with turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce!
Later today, be sure to tune in to CBS around 3:30 to see Alabama defeat Auburn in the annual Iron Bowl game!
Alka Seltzer never had a bigger fan than I! If I'm ever taken to the hospital with a broken femur, I'll just ask for two tablets in a glass of water and hop right on out of there.
Why would anyone go to a mall this weekend? Today is Shop Local Day! Shop with the people who own the businesses on Main Street, not the Walton family.  Keep that money in your town!
They keep urging us to #boycottHamilton and, well, if they insist, I will.  But I don't know why.
To me, nothing says Christmas pop music like the Phil Spector Christmas album, and nothing says "Phil Spector Christmas Album" like The Ronettes in Lady Santa attire.  Left to right, Estelle Bennett, Ronnie Bennett Spector, and Nedra Talley have made the holidays ring merrily for me since 1963!

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