Thursday, November 17, 2016

Face it

I was surfing around the other day when my mouse and I washed up on a site called Showerthoughts.

I guess it's for the expression of notions that come to one while scrubbing up in the stall, which is why I put a waterproof bluetooth speaker in mine.  

In my shower stall, I mean, not in my thoughts.  Whatever Sirius or NPR channel my phone is tuned to, that's what I hear while I lather up the old melon and bathe my aging aching body for the day.  

And it's just as well that I hear Morning Edition or Howard Stern while the shower gels and specially imported shampoos from Indiana do their thing, because I'm not sure that facial tattoos are where I want my head to be at 0515 hours.

But that's what this shower topic was about...facial tattoos.  The writer said "I'm not intimidated by people with face tattoos because I think they're badass, but because they clearly don't think in terms of consequences."

I have to say, I'm tattooless, probably because people who apply tattoos to other people charge money for their trouble.  Not that I abjure the practice for others; it's a personal matter.  You want a tat, go right ahead.

I've always heard that people who ink up later regret the decision, and sometimes pay thousands to have their regrets lasered off. What to do when you've pledged your troth to Prudence O'Hoolahan, and have her name proudly displayed on your bicep, only to have her leave you for a traveling doorstop salesman?  

But I know plenty of others who have gotten needled and are at this very moment saving up look for more trips to Ink, Inc. for more.  

But facial tattoos? Not long ago, we were at a flea market and saw a dude whose face was literally awash in inky designs.  He was wearing a tanktop so the rest of the canvas could be seen.  Fine for him, if that's his pleasure.

I do have to remind one and all that looking like the fella at left<<would mean it's much easier to be identified when the police ask, "Did he have any special identifying marks or scars?"

"Yes, he had a word written on his forehead."

It's all the rage.

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