Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I don't see a Buick

I bow to no man in my disdain for auto racing, since I don't think it's a sport to drive a car too fast, any more than sewing, changing light bulbs, or sanding spackled walls are spectator sports.

At least he was wearing his glasses
But on the other hand, I don't call for it to be eliminated from society, either.  You want to drive somewhere to sit for four or five hours and watch other people drive, go have fun.

But I wish that Dale Earnhardt, Jr, was a little more judicious in the way he drives, and replies to people.

You see, Earnhardt, Jr, one of the most popular people out there on the NASCAR circuit, is not currently speeding around the oval tracks of the nation in his #88 Chevrolet because he's been experiencing concussion-like symptoms since July. The concussions have knocked him out of the race, so to speak.

So, on Sunday, Dale was driving his Buick to a race in Texas, and he was pulled over for speeding.

Of course, he got off with a warning, but his fiancee tweeted out a picture of a police officer giving Jr a warning.

Seems to me that most people on the highways and byways are under the impression that they are NASCAR drivers, zooming around, zipping from lane to lane and generally exhibiting poor driving technique.  That's not a good thing in a country where 38,300 people were killed and 4.4 million injured on the roads last year.

So.  Someone tweets DE Jr and asks how fast he was going when pulled over.

And, seeing the opportunity to send a message about safe and sane driving habits, Dale Earnhardt, Jr, Buick driver, said, "Not fast enough."

Thanks, Dale.  I hope I'm never on any road with you.

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