Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, November 19, 2016

For all those days of nights with temperatures around 100° and humidity hanging in the air at an 87% rate...for all the sunburn and mosquito bites and cicadas howling and crickets jumping from the garage into the kitchen...this is what we look forward to all summer. Snow soon, please!
Now and again you see a volunteer tree springing up and flourishing - like the proverbial forsythia bush that grows in the middle of a paved parking lot.  But this tree found root in this building, and there it is, still.  How cool if the leaves would change in autumn, and drop right into the open window?
One of two moon shots we saw this week shows a haggy visitor from Emerald City, or wherever.
I looked at this picture for a long time before I saw the original caption.  What is shows is shredded paper that had been packed into a confetti cannon, to be used at Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters on election night.  And someone packing it up as the campaign packed it in.
This is the Super Moon from last Sunday night.  I don't know...does it seem to you too that every six weeks you see a notice online that says this is the biggest brightest closest moon since 1732? And I go outside every time, and see the moon, and I remember Jeff Stone, an outfielder who played for the Orioles one memorable summer. Stone went to play winter ball in Venezuela and asked if the moon he saw overhead was the same one he used to see back home in America.  
If you can't decide what you want to eat for dinner, how about a nice Cobb Salad? Invented by Bob Cobb, manager of the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood (and a member of my Rhymin' Simon Name Club), it's a green salad packed with meats and cheese and bacon and corn and I don't know what-all else, but it sure is gooooooooood!
Thanksgiving time is right around the corner.  If you have never seen this movie, please correct that error at once.  You'll laugh! You'll cry!  You won't want to travel anymore!
The Baltimore Orioles are digging up the old sod at their ballpark and replacing it with 105,000 square feet of new sod from the Tuckahoe Turf Farm in Hammonton, N.J.  I hope they use fescue grass seed, because I might set up a lawn service called "Fescue Rescue" some day and tend to the yards of Bob Cobb, Fay Wray,
Jack Black, Harry Carey, Cheri Oteri, Jacques Chirac, Shaquille O'Neal and Wavy Gravy.

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