Tuesday, November 29, 2016

No shoes, no pants, no service (but maybe he'll serve time!)

Everyone loves pizza. Really!  I can't think of anyone who says they don't, since there are 382 varieties available, with vegan crusts and fake cheese and artichoke toppings for the health conscious, and with real crusts and saucy sauce and a veritable mountain of gooey cheese and pepperoni for us goo gourmands, and everything in between.  There's a new place near us where you proceed through a line and specify your type of crust and sauce and cheese and toppings and then by the time you find a seat, they're bringing your bubbly pie out to you.

And, if you're ever lucky enough to meet a person who has worked as a pizza delivery person for any length of time, just ask them if they ever met any interesting people in that endeavor. Then, look around for a chair, because you are going to hear some stories!

But the pizza story that has had our town abuzz of late has been the saga of Naked Pizza Guy.  A chain pizzeria called Slice of New York in Towson was recently burgled, and when the owner went through the surveillance video, he found that the thief had gained entrance through a roof vent.

As the bad man slid down the chimney (ho ho ho!) he snagged his sweatpants, and removed them when he got to work stealing. There he was on the videos, running around prying into the pizza shop's property without benefit of proper garmentry.  He took no money (there was none to take) so he did $3,000 in damage just to be a stinker.

The police and the pizza people put the still photos on line, hoping that someone would recognize the crook, but eventually, a look at the images from the outside surveillance camera picked up pictures of a vehicle and its tag number, and that seems to have led the police to a Rosedale man now charged with second-degree burglary and related charges, and free on $50,000 bail.

Right after the crime, the owner offered free eats for life to anyone who could come forward and ID the perpetrator, an offer now amended to sliding free slices of pizza to police for the month of December.  

The only hitch is, the police must be wearing clothes to receive their free lunch.

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