Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, September 3, 2016

 And of course, this is an eye surgeon performing eye surgery on a crocodile.  I can only wonder whether the doctor is wearing crocs.
This took place when the California Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California visited the Cleveland Indians of Cleveland.  A rainbow is seen here serving as the barrier between two skies.
I heartily approve of this private school's stance on helicopter hovering parents who come running to the school to bring Abernathy's or Ursula's homework or athletic supporter or sense of obligation, in case they forgot them.  That teaches the child that helping themselves is not up to them.  This plans makes the student accountable - primarily to themselves!
Fall starts in 18 days.  Hoodies on alert!
I have an idea.  Let's get one of these and tell someone who has no idea what it is that it connects wirelessly to a Bluetooth printer. Then we bring in a giant blue tooth with a printer in the middle.
Monday is Labor Day.  Thank a union member for your weekends and your 8-hour day and your overtime and just about every good thing we have on the job.
B-movie queen Peggy Cummins is 90 now, but before she retired she starred in some great drive-in movies, such as Dentist in the Chair, Your Money or Your Wife,  Curse of the Demon, Hell Drivers, Meet Mr. Lucifer, Always a Bride, If This Be Sin, and Salute John Citizen. I would rather watch all of them in one sitting than anything with Julia Roberts.
I have never seen - or even heard of - a water bridge, but here it is, the Magdeburg water bridge on the Elbe River in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.  

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