Thursday, September 8, 2016


We talked before about American breakfast habits being in a state of flax. (Pause for laughter...)

While news clips still show us amber waves of grain, the fact is that we just don't eat cereal so much these days...and the incredible reason given is that today's young people are in too much of a hurry to get out the door to chase after MaccuPicchu and the rest of the Pokemon gang to take 10 sec. to wash out their bowl and spoon.

Cereal companies are talking up how great it is to eat a lot of whole the same time they are selling cereals such as Cinnamon Mini Buns and 17 different flavors of Cheerios.  But the big brains at Kellogg's have come up with a great way to sell breakfast grindage.  

What's the trend in dining out?  They call it "fast casual," and so, welcome to the new "Kellogg's NYC" in Times Square (home of the Big Apple Jacks!) 

Breakfast isn't just for breakfast anymore! McDonald's knows that, which is why you can get a McGriddle at 3 in the afternoon and Hash McPotatoes as midnight approaches.  Kellogg's NYC is open from 8 AM til midnight (does no one in Times Square want their breaky before 8?) You choose your cereal and you can have milk, soy or almond milk, Greek yogurt, or soft serve ice cream along with it.  

No fresh fruit? I don't like cereal without berries or peach slices. And...they do not accept cash as payment.  

How very 2016!

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