Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You never know...

I don't have anywhere to go that would require hiring an Uber person to take me there, so don't count me in when asking around to see if people will stop using that ride service after Saturday night's killing spree that saw one of their drivers ALLEGEDLY kill six people and injure two more with the gun that the Second Amendment so generously provided to him and his fellow militiamen.

All this took place in Kalamazoo, and again, grief-stricken residents were saying they "can't believe it happened here." I shake my head at that.  "It" happens in towns with populations of ten, and ten million. "It" is going to keep happening, at least until something or someone gets control of our collective senses.

But that was my thought after hearing the news: why should people stop using the Uber service, any more than they should stop conducting business in federal buildings or going to any high school or college or Planned Parenthood clinic or military recruitment center or AME Church or army base or elementary school or Sikh temple or movie theater or constituent meet-and-greet at a Safeway?

Life is inherently risky.  Lots of people fall out of bed, first thing they do one morning, and wind up in traction or Johns Hopkins (or both).   Beyond normal precautions and a safe approach to life, what are we do to? Sit home in a bubble and never leave the house?  A lot of good that'll do you when an airplane drops its luggage compartment on your 4 br/2.5 ba Colonial! You'd have been better off going bungee jumping off a bridge in West Virginia that day.

Sorry for seeming flippant, but a certain insouciance is the overcoat we need to wear when facing the wintry part of life. 

By the way, that ALLEGED shooter Jason Dalton, up in Michigan? He also worked as an insurance salesman for Progressive.  

Just keeping up with the Flo.

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