Friday, February 26, 2016

The worst persons alive

There are low, despicable people in the world.

And then, there's this, which is even lower than a snake's belly.

For those of you out of town, a little background.  Harford County, MD, the next county up the road from here, has always been a quiet place, with lots of farms and rolling country vistas.  

But like anyplace else, there are bad people around, and a couple of weeks ago, a man who had lived on the edges of society for many years popped up in the county again.  He was wanted for an assault on his ex-wife, and she saw him in a Panera Bread restaurant and notified the local sheriff.  A deputy went to the store to check him out, and was shot dead on the spot as he approached the slimeball, who then ran from Panera and got a little way up the street before killing another deputy.

This is not the city, where murder and shootings are the order of the day almost every day.  Harford County was rocked to its knees by the unimaginable loss of these two fine men, each of whom was a veteran police with families and children and ties to the community.  Their funerals were impressive, as police funerals (sadly) enforcement comes from all around as a show of support and unity and love for the families left bereaved.

The brave men are buried now and the families and the county are left to gather their thoughts and proceed with life as it is, totally changed and forever different.  Surely the support from the public - the people who lined the route of the funeral processions, the cards and gifts and hugs and and tears - has helped the families and the police family deal with this awful, awful thing.

AND THEN some person or persons, seeing the enormity of all this, decided there was money to be made of all this sorrow, and started a phone call campaign "on behalf of the local Fraternal Order of Police," purporting to raise money for the saddened families.

Just one problem.  The Harford County Sheriff's Deputies are not members of the FOP. They have a different union, but in any event, they would not be calling to raise money in this manner.

You hear about people who show up in communities where a hurricane has leveled houses and stores, and the National Guard has to stand watch over people's meager few remaining belongings so that these two-legged vultures don't walk (skulk) off with things.

You hear that people read the newspaper death notices to see whose house they can break into while the family is off at the funeral.  Or you read that swindlers cheat elderly widows out of their last nickel.

Those people, along with whoever is behind this disgraceful "collection" in Harford County, should really take a lot of ice with them when they go, because it's going to be pretty damned hot where they're headed.
If you are interested in making a donation to the families of Senior Deputy Patrick Dailey and Deputy First Class Mark Logsdon, you can do so by making a donation through the Harford County Deputy Sheriff’s Union Benevolent Fund. You can do it electronically by clicking here:
or you can send a check to:
Harford Co. Deputy Sheriff’s Union
P.O. Box 881
Bel Air MD, 21014
Checks can be made out to the HCDSU Benevolent Fund

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