Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy birthday, Peggy!

Falling in love with Peggy was easy for me, but I hear all the time about people who have trouble staying in love. It only took me about 3 seconds to figure out why I stay in love with my wife of almost 43 years. It's the same reason we keep tuning in to see what Victor and Nikki are up to, or why we look forward to the next John Grisham novel (I guess some people do) or the release of the 2017 Buicks or what's next on McDonald's Dollar Menu.

It's because Peggy is this marvelous flower who blooms in another way every time I see her!  When we met, she was shy and quiet and mainly kept to herself, but over the years, she has evinced interests in music, art, reading, philosophy, faith, self-improvement, and home decor.  She reads, she journals, she takes art classes, she does things around the house, she keeps up with friends old and new, and I sit here watching YouTube videos of iceskating dinosaurs.

I'll show you how classy people think Peggy is, and with good reason:  I came to work one day telling a friend that Peggy had so enjoyed the great film masterpiece "Ernest Goes To Jail" - especially the part where Ernest thoughtfully bites into his pen - and then, my co-worker insisted that I give her Peggy's phone number so she could verify that a woman so cultured would enjoy anything so lowbrow.  You know, like stuff I like.

So today, as Peggy turns __ ___ years of age (sorry, but the numbers on my keypad won't work right today) I send her my love and best wishes, with my thanks for being the book I love to read every day, because who knows what the next page will bring?

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