Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, February 6, 2016

If you can't get what's funny about this mail truck, perhaps it would be funnier painted in a Tutone color scheme.  Or, call your friend Jenny and ask've got her number on the wall.
It started with girls wearing their hair in pigtails, and now this...
This mansion in Lithuania shows all homeowners everywhere the importance of keeping up with those pesky maintenance chores. Some storm windows and vinyl siding would have gone a long way...
I used to work near St Dominic's School, and I would see the young girls on Harford Rd, waiting for the bus on cold mornings with jeans on under their uniform skirts.  From then until now, I haven't seen anyone else use Levi's as an undergarment.
What kind of person is it who decides "It's a lovely day for a picnic, a chance to dine alfresco and enjoy nature," and then leaves their trash behind? Maybe that bottled water made them wanna go wee wee real fast and they forgot to return.  Or maybe they're oafs.
"Try our new Tuna Ring some supper soon."  Who writes like that?  Who eats like that?
This is Buddy Holly's Gibson guitar, which he covered by himself with hand-tooled leather.  He wrote his classic songs on this guitar, and of course,
he passed away this past week in 1959.
I should always remember always to leave them laughing!  At least, I thought this was funny!

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