Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, February 20, 2016

This is sort of like "Highlights" for adults, with no Goofus and Gallant...tell me, what's wrong with this picture?
Not that you would, but if you ever do skid into a pickup on an icy morning, and then decide to do the hit 'n' run thing, better make sure not to leave your license tag behind!
So, you can hook up a hose to water the peas and then guzzle water all at the same time!
I like efficient use of space.  Here's a bachelor pad with a little computer desk that's really out of the way of everything else!
I've seen this over the years, and I believe there is a lot of wisdom in these words.  I'd say it works for both genders. Follow the wise person!
I love when packaging meets need.  Sometimes a cup o' suds and some goober peas are really all you need.
I can't say much for the artwork on this movie poster (you can hardly tell Bogart from Fred MacMurray!) but the movie remains a great favorite of mine, with lessons about duty and responsibility being more important that personality and status.  And of course, as with any war movie from the 1950s, the poster had to have a picture of a man and a woman getting horizontal on the sand because...that had nothing to do with the movie.
My apologies to my many vegan or vegetarian friends, but sometimes, there's nothing like a nice steak!  I might make this my wallpaper.  Literally.  On the walls of my den.

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