Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, February 13, 2016

A picture of a big old tree from the main campus of Penn State University.  And those are not leaves way up on the branches.  All the leaves turned brown and fell to the ground, leaving all this room for all these crows.
Just about time for Spring Training! And here is where the Orioles get into form for the baseball season: Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, FL.
If you can top a nice rack o' ribs, I'd like to see it!

I love old stuff, and I think looking at something that was used in a battle 1,800 years ago by a Roman soldier is pretty doggone cool.
Dad's home from work and Junior's home from skiing!  What's for lunch?  Mmmm canned soup!

So what you have here is a pile of salt, rearranged to look like a wolf. It's nothing to sneeze at.

No, I'm not going for the obvious here.  I just thought this was a really cool looking horse!
ShopRite stays current with the latest lingo to let you know their fish is really really fresh!

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